Notice of 2021 On-line Commencement Ceremony

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Dear Graduates,


We sincerely congratulate you on your graduation.

As the COVID-19 is spreading recently, the commencement ceremony in February 2021 is scheduled to be held on-line(posted on YouTube video).

To ensure the health and safety of graduates and their families as a top priority and to prevent the spread of infectious COVID-19,

please understand that we have conducted the on-line commencement ceremony,


Please check the details of the Commencement Ceremony below.


1) On-line Commencement Ceremony

  - Date: 2021.2.25, 14:00(GMT+9)

  - UST YouTube Channel[Click here]


2) UST will send your Diploma/Award to you by post.

   -After the address verification process*, Diploma will be sent sequentially.

     *Scheduled to send email address confirmation on February 17th(Tue)

   -Students who have applied for a photo can receive it at the photo studio.

   -If the campus's own commencement ceremony is held, it will be distributed during its own commencement ceremony.

   -Issuance of certificate of degree: Printable from UST Certificate Issuance System [Click here] from 0:00 on Sunday, February 28, 2021


3) Graduation photo

   -Applicants visit the studio designated by UST at a fixed time and take photos -Graduation gown rental and photo with companion

   Basic photo taking is free (additional costs may be incurred due to additional people, etc.)

   -Notes: prevent the spread of COVID-19

     · Record visitor (including companion) and body temperature measurement required

     · Persons subject to restrictions

       Those who visit overseas or high-risk facilities for COVID-19 within 14 days of the photo.

       Those who visited the place the COVID-19 infectee visited at the same time and date

       Those who have contacted the COVID-19 infectee or lived with a person who is self-isolation

       Those with fever (37.5 degrees or more) or respiratory symptoms


   Inquiries: UST Academic Affairs Team (042-865-2342,