[Call for application] 2021 1st Overseas Training Program

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  • Registration Date : 2021-01-29
2021-1 Overseas Training Program Application Guidelines.pdf Application form.zip

The following information outlines the 「2021 1st UST Overseas Training Program」. We hope students will join us for this exciting program!


1. Title: 2021 1st Overseas Training Program

2. Purpose: To help UST students to explore their career paths and grow into young researchers with global competitiveness

3. Eligibility: Ph.D. program students who have completed at least two semesters or Integrated Master’s and Ph.D. program students who have passed their Ph.D. qualification exam

4. Host institution: Research institution with advanced knowledge and skills in the field

5. Number of students to be selected: Up to 10 students

6. Duration: Up to 90 days including weekends and holidays

7. Funding: Round-trip plane tickets, living expenses, and travel insurance

  ※ Additional expenses such as self-quarantine and diagnostic tests due to COVID-19 will not be supported.

8. How to Apply: Send the application documents by e-mail to overseas@ust.ac.kr

9. Application Deadline: Friday, February 19, 2021 at 24:00

10. Contact: UST Student Services Division (overseas@ust.ac.kr, 042-865-2334)


▶ Call for Application in Korean language