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Siadari’s “Right Now, the Moment at UST”

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Siadari’s “Right Now, the Moment at UST”의 대표사진

Story about Student

Siadari’s “Right Now, the Moment at UST”

Thomhert Suprapto Siadari (PhD Program, UST-Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) School)

We expand our horizon by constantly facing new challenges over the course of our lives. And that life takes different shape, color, size, and meaning determined by our choices and following results. 6 years ago, Siadari was working at a startup company in Daejeon. He saw his new path getting to know about UST from a friend. Immediately having noticed that it is an opportunity that would expand his life, he joined the PhD program at UST-ETRI School. Let’s find out how he’s spending his time “right now, the moment at UST.”

Being Part of UST, the Best Choice I Made

I heard that UST offers the best facility and environment for those who are interested both in study and research. I had the expectation that any experience and knowledge that I gain from here would help me grow. That’s why I decided to join the PhD program at UST to further improve my research.

Siadari is conducting research on visual understanding using Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. His lab is working on Smart City Project where his roles are to detect human-object interaction and recognize person attribute recognition. The fact that this technology will be deeply involved in our everyday life makes it more significant. Human-object interaction detection contributes to improving the safety of pedestrians. It detects and records people on the crosswalk who ride bicycles or motorcycles which can be a dangerous activity for pedestrians. Recognizing person attributes is applied for surveillance and security systems in places like department stores, apartments or streets. It aims to predict attribute labels based on a person’s appearance captured from surveillance cameras such as gender, age, hairstyle, wearing glasses or not, and so on.

“I have a goal to create my own vision-AI company that collaborates with different stakeholders in Indonesia. In that sense, UST-ETRI School has offered so much for me to construct my ideas and focus on developing future AI technology. UST-ETRI School is supporting me in every conceivable way.”

Versatile Skills from AI-related Research to Creating Videos

At this moment, Siadari doesn’t stop his efforts to achieve his goals. Above all, he has actively engaged in UST student support programs and devoted himself to making the best moment from his experience as a student. His most memorable experience is to have been selected at the overseas program in 2017. This opportunity took him to Venice, Italy, where he successfully presented his paper at one of the workshops at the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2017.

“ICCV is one of the major conferences on computer vision that has a main conference and several workshops programs. Being able to attend such a big conference supported by UST meant so much to me because it was such a big step in my research. This event was one of the biggest accomplishments I’ve made.”

When he applied for the program, his friends showed concern that it’s going to be very competitive. However, it didn’t matter to him at all; rather it motivated him to work even harder.

Siadari is also interested in making videos. He recently participated in UST Global Social Media Content Contest 2019 where two of his videos won first and second place. He used to share information about UST on his social media, which caused people not even acquainted with him to want to learn more. When he found out about the contest, he decided to produce a video to reach a wider audience in an entertaining manner.

The video is based on my own experience studying at UST. It portrays the story of ARI (short for Anak Republik Indonesia), a young man who just finished college and joined UST. ARI wants to share his experience in studying at UST with people around the world. With more experience in making videos, I have a plan to create content about AI trends in the future.

“I Want to Be Part of AI’s Growth”

Siadari is fully utilizing his talent studying at UST. His story “Right now, the moment at UST,” makes us wonder about the future he’s envisioning. His short-term goal is to experience research and development in the vision-AI industry in Korea after completing his PhD program. He wants to equip himself with both academic and professional experience.

“With the accumulated experience, my long-term goal is to use vision-AI technology in Indonesia. I want to establish a company that focuses on solving local problems in Indonesia with AI solutions. In order to make it, I made a brand called “Koderea,” which I use to share AI technology with Indonesian people.”

Siadari wants to be a researcher who is not afraid of a challenge and who never stops learning. UST will always be there to support his dream.