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“A letter and flowers for you, Professor”

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  • Registration Date : 2020-05-19
“A letter and flowers for you, Professor”의 대표사진

“A letter and flowers for you, Professor”

- Message of gratitude and respect delivered by UST on behalf of graduates


 The University of Science and Technology (UST) held an event of “Dear Honorable Gift” in a way to celebrate the Teacher’s Day on May 15th. For this event, graduates submitted online their stories to express appreciation to their professors and UST delivered them instead.


 For this event, a total of 23 graduates participated to give their own interesting yet heart touching stories. Some of them are currently staying in other regions or overseas so that they cannot come to visit their professors directly due to COVID-19. Through this event, they expressed their gratitude along with what they have not had a chance to say or share before. UST delivered each story in a form of a letter together with a bouquet of flowers to the professor.


 In particular, after graduating from the UST-KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) campus, Dr. Kyungmin An, currently a professor at the College of Medical Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences in Kanazawa University in Japan, said, “It was all thanks to my advisor who taught me devotedly that I could develop myself not just for my research capacity but emotionally while I was at UST,” and he added, “I am very pleased to deliver my message of gratitude to him through this event.”


 UST nurtures talent in the fields of science and technology by educating students at 32 national research institutions subsidized by the government. Students receive a site-centered education, utilizing cutting-edge research equipment at the research institutes. Since producing its first class of graduates in 2006, it has produced a total of 2,523 talented individuals, including 840 people receiving doctorates and 1,683 people receiving master’s degrees.