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UST offers open online lectures on science technology

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UST offers open online lectures on science technology의 대표사진

UST offers open online lectures on science technology

- Research Knowledge and Technologies of National Research Institutes Widely Open to the Public through MOOC


 Currently, online lectures are being provided through which anyone can have free access to educational contents containing the research knowledge and technologies held by national research institutes.

 The University of Science and Technology (UST) has provided the contents by gathering the capabilities and commitment of national research institutes in the science technology field since 2018 through ‘STAR-MOOC’, an online open lecture platform for universities specializing in the science technology field, with the purpose of deepening understanding on science technology among the general public and expanding opportunities for life-long learning. A total of 2,812 people have taken the lectures up to date, and those satisfying the completion standards are issued a certificate of completion.    

 Experts in relevant fields who are serving as Ph.D. researchers at national research institutes as well as UST professors plan and carry out the lectures, while UST headquarters supports the production and offering of the lectures. As of May 2020, a total of 10 lecture courses are open online. 

 In particular, Professor Kwideok Park of UST-KIST school who is in charge of the ‘Biomedical Engineering’ lecture stated that “the lecture offers an overview of the research trend and mechanisms in the biomedical sector including the core technologies currently applied in the medical field” and that “the opening of the lecture to the public through MOOC is expected to help foster young scientists in the sector and promote relevant new businesses.” 

 Further details including the guidelines on MOOC educational courses and enrollment can be found at UST’s STAR-MOOC webpage (https://ust.edwith.org/). Anyone can enroll on the courses after going through a simple sign-up procedure, and the lectures can be enjoyed on PCs as well as smart phones. Along with the 10 courses currently being offered, UST plans to additionally set up three courses by the end of this year.


UST nurtures talent in the fields of science and technology by educating students at 32 national research institutions subsidized by the government. Students receive a site-centered education, utilizing cutting-edge research equipment at the research institutes. Since producing its first class of graduates in 2006, it has produced a total of 2,523 talented individuals, including 840 people receiving doctorates and 1,683 people receiving master’s degrees.