UST Conducts “Young Scientist Research Program 2020”

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UST Conducts “Young Scientist Research Program 2020”의 대표사진

UST Conducts “Young Scientist Research Program 2020”

to Train Self-directed Scientists and Engineers

- Providing opportunities for Ph.D. students to play the role of research directors


 The University of Science and Technology (UST), a government-funded research institutes-based graduate university, is conducting the Young Scientist Research Program in 2020.

 This program is designed to strengthen Ph.D. students’ self-directed research capabilities by allowing them to perform all stages of the research process, from planning to final evaluation. Students selected for the program will receive up to 10 million won in research funds from UST which they will use to conduct their own research for one year. Students will receive expert feedback at each stage, including progress checks and final evaluations, and their academic advisors will offer them guidance and support to help ensure the smooth execution of the students’ research.

 Since it was first held in 2017, a total of 40 students have participated in the program. Participating students and professors have given the program an average 94% satisfaction rating. UST decided to expand the program in 2020 by drastically increasing the number of participating students to 40 to reflect the needs of professors, students, and industry.

 In addition, UST is enhancing the program by implementing a screening process at UST’s the student-affiliated campus to lay the foundation for campus-led promotion of the program. This program introduces the six core competencies of new researchers as defined by the National Postdoctoral Association. These competencies are those that researchers must have to manage their own research. A small conference will be held at which students will share their research results after the program ends. Recruitment for the 2020 session will close on Tuesday, October 27.

* The six core competencies: Discipline-Specific Knowledge, Research Skill Development, Communication Skills, Professionalism, Leadership and Management Skills, Responsible Conduct of Research

 Dr. Hyangpyo KIM, a graduate of UST-Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute campus, participated in the program in 2017. He said that his participation in the program greatly developed his research capabilities by allowing him to interact with various researchers in his field. He added that, thanks to his participation in the program, he was selected to participate in the post-doctoral overseas training program by the National Research Foundation of Korea to experience the wider world and to continue his research.

 In addition, UST President Ieehwan KIM stated that UST plans to develop researchers who can meet the needs of industry and their respective fields through various methods, including this program, by strengthening program-oriented education that will lead to industrial technological innovation.