Confirmation on the result of UST Admission Registration in Fall, 2013

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  • Registration Date : 2013-07-02
Memo_to_Give_up_Enrollment.pdf Request_for_CancellationAdmission.pdf The Result of UST Admission Registration in Fall, 2013 (for only Special admission).pdf
Here's an attachment of the result for registered successful applicants.
Please check the admission registration.
If registered applicants plan to it, please refer the below memo.
***The information on entrance ceremony, orientation for incoming student,
     student number will be announced again through this notice board.
--- Cancellation of Admission Registration ---

1. Cancellation Period of Registration
    : July. 1(Mon.) ~ July. 3(Wed.), by 18:00, 2013.

2. The person who does not register during the prescribed period,
    the student would be regarded as giving up entering and
    the admission would be cancelled.

3. Refund of Entrance Fee: The only person that cancels
   the registration during the cancellation period of registration
   may get a full refund of Entrance Fee paid.

▶ Inquiry: Sung Hee Kim , MiJi Lee, Student Affairs Team
               TEL: +82-42-865-2331, 2334