The Final Result of UST Admission in Fall, 2014 is annnounced

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3. Notice for the successful applicant in admission Spring 2015.doc 1. Admission Registration Guide of admission in Fall semester 2014_for Foreigners.pdf 2. Dacument form for admission reigstration in fall, 2014 (foreigners).zip
We announce the final result of UST admission in Fall, 2014.
Thank you to all admission applicants as applying for UST.
1. The final result of admission application (check from the system ->

2. A certificate of admission will be sent to accepted applicants by registered mail.

3. Applicants those who complete all admission registration can enter finally.
   - Admission registeration period: June 12(Thu) ~ June 18(Wed), 2014
   - Please refer to the attached file # 1, 2 for the specific information about admission registeration
   ※ Preliminary Acceptance Announcement
      1) The result of preliminary acceptance (check from the system ->
      2) In case the final successful applicant do not make or the admission registration.
      3) The additional admission result will be announced from June 20(Fri) ~ 24(Tue), 2014
        to applicant"s mobile phone and E-mail. 

   ※ Admimission Registration guide for successful applicants in admission Spring, 2015 will be releasesd in Dec. 2014
      (Refer to the attched file # 3)

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