Admission Guidelines for Spring Semester, 2018(modified)

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We announce the admission guidelines for Spring Semester, 2018.



1. Period of admission application : August 24, 09:00 ~ September 8, 17:00(GMT+9), 2017


2. The additional and specific information for 2018 Spring Semester can be found through the admission guidelines.
   a. All applicants for 2018 spring semester will require to pay the application fee(USD 20 or KRW 23,000) using Paypal or KG Inicis by application deadline.
      Application fee cannot be waived nor deferred, and is non-refundable.
      Please check your Paypal account or credit card status(available online overseas payment) before payment.
      If an applicant pays by a card issued overseas or has PayPal account, please use the PayPal service. If an applicant pays by a card issued in Korea, please use the KG Inicis service.
      It is easy to use PayPal for overseas card, and KG Inicis for Korean card.


   b. All English tests results must be submitted by application deadline.


   c. UST does not accept hard copies during admission application period.
      All required documents should be submitted by scanned online by application deadline.


3. Please find the attached documents and prepare for your application in advance.
   a. Certificate of English as Medium of Instruction
      : Applicants are not required to provide an official English score if he/she has obtained degree at a university(graduate school)
        in the UST-designated English speaking countries(※refer to the mark)

        and has proven that all the courses you have completed were taught in English. In this case, applicants are required to submit this form.


         ※ UST designated countries

             : Belize, Bhutan, Cambodia, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Guyana,
              Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Gambia,
              Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Solomon Is. Sri Lanka, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tonga, Uganda,
              Vanuatu, Zambia, Zimbabwe


   b. Letter of Recommendation
      - choose one of the way below
        1) Use online admission system
           : Enter your recommender’s information(must contain email address) while you apply for UST.
             Since sometimes recommendation letter link is not sent to your recommenders,
             please check before application deadline whether or not a link has been received to recommenders.
       2) Submit the letter via post or in person(sealed envelope by recommender)
          : In this case, applicants are required to submit this form to UST International Student Affairs Team via post or in person.


    c. Proposal for Study
       : Applicants will fill out directly on online admission system during application period.
         Please refer to this form and prepare in advance.   



* 'Letter of Recommendation' and 'Certificate of English as Medium of Instruction' should be written on a precirbed form.(refer to the attached files)

** ICT major in ETRI School is an integrated major from 2018 spring semester.
   Please refer to the previous majors’ homepage for finding details such as the research fields, professors list and so on.
   (Mobile communication & Digital Broadcasting Engineering / Information Security Engineering

    / Information and Communication Network Technology /Advanced Device Technology / Computer Software)

***Information of KAERI campus's major and  p3, p11 have been modified.

****Information of KRRI campus's major has been modified.

*****Information of KRIBB school's major and p8 have been modified.


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