Admission Guide of Fall 2014, Spring 2015 for special admission-Foreigner, Korean Living Overseas

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(Fall 2014, Spring 2015) Admission Guide for Special Admssion-Foreigner, Korean Living Overseas.pdf
Admission Guide of Fall 2014, Spring 2015 for special admission
-Foreigner, Korean Living Overseas is now announced.
  [Admission application for special admission]
    - foreign applicants,
    - Korean living overseas
    - (military) scholarship students sponsored by government office
       recommended by related minister
    - north Korean refugees
  1-1. Admission application: 2014. Mar. 12.(Wed) ~ Mar. 24.(Mon)
    ※ [Changed notice]
        Extending the application deadline from Mar.18.(Tue) to Mar. 24.(Mon)
  1-2. Additional period for additional required documentation
        (including the feedback) : 2014. Mar. 12.(Wed) ~ Apr. 7.(Mon)
   * please refer to the admission guide for the specific exploration on
     application type.
* Please check the different period for each application type.
[Inquiry] - for special admission
: Sung Hee Kim & Mi Ji Lee, UST Student Affairs Team
  (Tel: 042-865-2331, 2334, E-mail: