[Orientation] Notice of Orientation for Newcomers of Spring Semester, 2015

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Hello. This is UST Student Support Center.

First of all, We are welcome you to become an USTian.
UST is going to hold an at UST Headquarter in Daejeon, 25th(Wed.)~27th(Fri.)of Feb.
This Orientation is a first event to students, and It is consist of liberal arts, Capacity Building(Thesis writing 101 , Patent 101) and Mandatory subject (Ethics, Safety education) relative to ordinary orientation programs in other university and UST Orientation is one of the UST curriculum which has an 1 credit.

So Please register to this orientation as following via website link, the deadline is no later than 18th, Jan.
- Following ?
- Event name : Orientation for Newcomers of Spring Semester, 2015
- Date : 25th(Wed.)~27th(Fri.)of Feb., 2015 / 2nights and 3days.
- Venue : UST Headquarter, Daejeon
- Qualification : Newcomers of Spring Semester, 2015
- Way to register : via website link (http://goo.gl/F0xlI0)
- Registration Deadline : 18th, Jan.
(After completion of registration We will give further notices to your contact information based on the registration form)
- Obligation to students
: Send an e-mail including the reason for nonparticipation, If you can’t join orientation(support@ust.ac.kr)
(ex- Reason for nonparticipation : Delay of entry, Health problem, Conference schedule)
We are highly recommend you to join this orientation for your first of USTian life.
and also You can meet and exchange a lot of things with your new friends, campus professor and senior students of UST. So your active participation will be required.

If you have a question, Please Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.
UST Student Support Center.