Orientation for Newcomers of Fall Semester, 2015

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  • Registration Date : 2015-07-07
Dear UST incoming students,
This is UST Student Support Center.
We are welcome you to become an USTian, above all.
will be held in Daejeon, 18th(Tue.)~21st(Fri.) of August.
This program is the first program to all incoming students, and it is consist of liberal arts, Thesis writing. Students who will attend this program will be given 1 credit (as common course), and it is one of mandatory credits for all UST students.
It can be a good chance to communicate with professors and other students at one place, so we highly recommend you to attend the program.
Students are required to register this orientation on the web-site link in advance, and the registration deadline is no later than 19th, July(Sun).
1. program name : Orientation for Newcomers of Fall Semester, 2015
2. Date : 18th(Tue.)~21th(Fri.) August, 2015 (specific time will be announced later)
3. Venue : K-Water Academy in Daejeon
※ Students are required to be at UST main office in advance, and all will be d to K-water Academy by UST bus)
4. Who are qualified for : Incoming students of Fall Semester, 2015
5. Way to register : via relevant web-site link
  2) Deadline to register : 19th, July (Sun)
※ Any further notices (Specific schedule and curriculum) will be sent to your contact information which is written on the registration form
  3) Obligation to students who cannot attend : Send an e-mail including the reason that you can’t join orientation(support@ust.ac.kr)
6. Additional Information
  1) All the fee related with program (accommodations, meals, tuition fee) will be covered by UST, for free to all students. (※ Any transportation fee to attend is at incoming student’s own charge.)
  2) All participants are required to be stayed at the program venue, and cannot go back to your own accomodations during the period.
  3) If you would like to the registration, please let us know until Agu. 3(Mon).
If you have any other issue, please ask us (support@ust.ac.kr).
UST Student Support Center.