[2016 Fall Semester]Announcement of Student ID Number

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Student ID numbers for freshmen of 2016 Fall Semester have been issued.
Please connect to admission application system(http://apply.ust.ac.kr/) and check the student ID number.
Students should use ID number to access UST portal and academic system, and to issue the Certificate of Expected Admission
from online certificate issuance system.
1. UST portal and academic system
  - UST Portal :
  - UST Academic system : http://edu.ust.ac.kr/
  - ID : Student Number (Not Candidate Number)
  - Initial Password : The date of birth and 'asf' (e.g. date of birth : 31.12.1990 → initial password : 901231asf)
2. Online certificate Issuance system
  - UST issuance system :
  - ID and Password : Same as Portal system(Student ID number, the date of birth and 'asf')
  ※ New students can issue the Certificate of Expected Admission now. Enrollment certificate will be issued after 1st September, 2016.
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