Application Guide for Readmission, Fall 2017

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Application Guide for International Students Readmission in Fall Semester 2017.pdf [Form] Application form of Readmission.doc

UST International Student Affairs Team announces the Application guide for readmission in Fall semester 2017.


1. Qualificaton : A previously admitted student who has been dismissed or withdrawn from UST within 2 years.
  ※ A student who falls under any of the following shall not be readmitted.
     - A student who has been dismissed because he/she could not receive a degree within the maximum term of study.
     - A student who has been dismissed as a disciplinary measure after deliberation by the University Committee.


2. Applicable Semester : Fall semester of 2017


3. Application Period of Readmission : July.4(Tue)~July.12(Wed), 2017 by 17:00 (GMT+9)
   ※ Original documents should be submitted in person or by post.

For further information, please refer to the attached files.


International Student Affairs Team, UST (, +82-42-865-2411)