UST is the model of change and innovation.Warm welcome to visit UST, NRI's based Graduate University in Korea.

“Constant Change and Innovation”

The beginning of UST was change and innovation.
In October 2003, UST was created in order to produce creative and talented individuals who are not bound by the constraints of today’s reality and who will lead the development of technological innovation.

Outstanding individuals are our future and our hope. We must nurture talented individuals who have big dreams for humanity and the world. They not only have to have specialized knowledge, but they must grow to be rational thinkers who can lead the future and the world with knowledge of and competence in dealing with human nature, healthy values, and vision.

UST has been evolving thanks to the dedicated efforts of all of its faculty members, students, and staff as the only government-funded research institute university in Korea. Based on UST’s achievements thus far, as the president of UST, I will take pride putting in my best efforts to cultivating the talents of the future through providing innovative and flexible education and academic affairs management while leading UST through its next stage of development.

I will bring about a leap forward for UST by ensuring that our operations have three important characteristics. The first characteristic is “people-focused.” Ultimately we pursue value for people. The second characteristic is “site-focused.” We will develop our capacity to deliver the technological innovations that are needed in industry and research. The third aspect is “demand-focused.” Who are our patrons? We will always keep them in mind and work to meet their demands.

UST has a short history, but it has a wealth of experience in and knowledge about innovation and how to tackle challenges. By continuing to enthusiastically and proactively promote change and innovation in the years to come, I will concentrate all of my abilities to expanding UST’s global influence and to make it a place where outstanding individuals from around the world gather to learn and spread their knowledge far and wide.

Thank you.

Ieehwan Kim President of UST