Counseling Areas

  • Personal Counseling
    • Self-understanding, depression, anxiety, anger control, shame/guilt, relationship problems, game addiction, impulse control disorder, love-related problems, personality problems, stress, worries, doubts about life, self-esteem problems, etc.
    • The basic is 10 times and will be extended up to 20 times at the request of the counselor. (per 5times)
  • Psychological tests and analysis

Psychological Tests

  • 01 MBTI Personality Assessment 1: MBTI(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Although all people are different, based on the premise that they can be categorized by certain characteristics, they are divided into 16 different personality types. Through this classification, it can be understood that people’s various actions are due to the differences of preference.
  • 02 MMPI Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory It is used to determine the counselee’s personality and psychiatric problems in a rapid way, as well as personality and psychiatric problems that might be imminent.
  • 03 SCT Sentence Completion Test The counselee completes a number of incomplete sentences, and this test will give information about a person’s desire, attitude, and personality.
  • 04 HTP House-Tree-Person The person draws house-tree-person by himself and explores his or her inner sides. This test directly reveals the counselee’s unconsciousness and desires that even he or she did not know about.
  • 05 Mini-plus   Detect suicide high-risk groups, treat them, and prevent them from committing suicide.
      Using six items to assess the likelihood of suicide, categorizes suicide risk as low, middle, and high, and then intensifies the treatment of experts based on the assessment results.
  • 06 KS-A   An examination of Internet addiction due to the overuse or addiction of the Internet, games, and smartphones.    Composed with Davis model and internet addiction tools that are used in domestic & foreign countries and on the basis of experts' clinical experience & interview to detect in the early stage and prevent addiction.
  • 07 PDS   An examination used to diagnose PTSD, a disorder that lasts more than one month after physical damage and severe life-threatening situations.